Thousands of Volunteers

Did you know? The State of Minas Gerais used the TOEIC® tests to...

English Is the Language of Science and Technology

What do information technology, healthcare, aviation, engineering, power and energy and all of the sciences have in common? They are all subjects that...

Linking Words and Phrases

Although some of these words have already been mentioned as sentence connectors, they can also be used to develop coherence within a paragraph, that is...

Email language - Formal vs. Informal

Email language - Formal vs. Informal

Universidad de Valladolid

La Universidad de Valladolid se convierte en centro formador y examinador en exclusiva del certificado TOEIC.

Term of the Week: Leadership

Leadership /ˈliːdərʃɪp/:

Puntuaciones TOEIC 2013 según datos demográficos.

España en comparación con 2012 desciende tanto en puntuación media como en posición del ranking, pasando del puesto 18 al 26, y de 684 a 651 puntos TOEIC,...

Puntuaciones TOEIC a nivel Mundial en 2013.

ETS presenta informe con las puntuaciones mundiales de TOEIC.